Transforming Out of Network Claim Processes, Powered by AI/LLM

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Automate Out of Network & Reference Based Pricing Claim Processes: Exceptional Value. Fractional Cost.

With Daffodil, you can generate pricing rationale, configure employer & code specific pricing rules, and, pro-actively generate employer & provider reports ... in seconds!

Configure Pricing Rules

Set pricing rules by employer & by codes ... in seconds!

AI/LLM Pricing Rationale

Sharable LLM powered automated & effective provider negotiation responses

Show Value

Articulate your value with employer reports

Re-pricer with multimodal input with full visibility and control

A powerful pricing and explanation engine that takes claims in multiple formats and offers you complete visibility & control of the pricing process.

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Did you know...

That a 5 min human-like conversation with ChatGPT costs $0.04. What is the cost of repricing your claims?

Why are you paying an arm and a leg?

Some frequently asked questions

As a Payor, if you are paying a "% of savings" to a middleman to reprice your claims, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Our software empowers Payors & TPAs to take repricing in-house and save money.

Daffodil offers a simple SaaS based claim repricing application that can reprice your claim as per the methodology you have chosen and the rules you have configured in the system. In addition, the system's LLM engine can help both explain and justify the reprice to a Provider.

Daffodil doesn't operate on an artificial and expensive "% of savings model" like most middlemen in the domain do. Instead, we take a SaaS approach to pricing which makes your cost both low and predictable.

Getting started on Daffodil can take anywhere between a few days to 4 weeks depending on both the volume of your claims and the flexibility of your IT systems.

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Curious about how to automate your Out of Network and Reference Based Pricing Processes?